Holly Tree Fish & Chips

6 Pinewood • Holly Tree Village

Blackburn • Lancashire • BB2 5AD

Tel:- 01254 200401

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Haddock, Cod  and Silver Hake in a light, crispy batter

Breadcrumbed Plaice: – 8-10oz.

Breaded Whitby Wholetail Scampi – the best!

7 or 10 pieces

Fish Cake      •      Fish Bites

Pies and Puddings:

Hollands: Meat & Potato, Meat, Steak & Kidney, Cheese & Onion and Steak & Kidney Pudding.

Cissy Greens: ‘Growler’ Meat , Chunky ‘All Steak’ Pie.

Jacksons: Rag Beef Suet Puddings


Clayton Park –  Butter Pies, Steak & Peppercorn

Our Fish

Haddock: Haddock is similar to Cod but slightly stronger in flavour with moderate to firm-textured flesh. A real taste of the sea.

Cod: Cod’s lean, moist white flesh has a flaky texture. The large tender flakes have a mild, delicate and sweet flavour.

Plaice: Plaice is a flat fish with a soft flesh and a subtle but distinctive flavour, which is well complimented by a slice of lemon or tartare sauce.

Scampi: is the fleshy tail of the Norway lobster (sometimes called Dublin Bay prawn) coated in breadcrumbs. Scampi is closer in taste to Lobster than Prawn or Shrimp.

Just For Kids!

'Kids Meal Deals just £2.75. Sausages, Fish Bite or Nuggets  with smaller Chips and Beans or Gravy and a Barrs 'Simply Fruity' bottle.

.... Great Value!'

Our Menu

Chips and Fritters:

Chips – Small, Regular and Large. All produced from the very best potatoes and freshly prepared on site.

Cheesy Chips – chips smothered with grated cheddar cheese

Battered Potato Dab

Dab and Double Dab butties

Others, Sides and Drinks:

Sausages: Jumbo and small pork sausages.

John Bulls  • Black friars (battered black pudding) and Haggis


Chicken Nuggets

Gravy, Curry and Mushy Peas – all produced by ourselves on site – small or large. Baked beans also available.

Chilli & Garlic Sauce     •     Onion Rings x 6

Teacakes or bread

Cans & Bottles of Pop, Bottled Water, Milk Shakes, Tea and Coffee

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'John Bulls - a real Blackburn Tradition!

 A great traditional Blackburn favourite, ‘John Bulls’ have been by far the most requested item to be added to our menu over the last five years. In times gone by, they were easily available at most ‘chippies’ in North East Lancs, but as traditional chip shops have changed to ‘fast food joints’, John Bulls have only been able to be found in a couple of chip shops in the area.

So, after much experimentation, we feel we’ve found the perfect ‘John Bull’.

What is a John Bull? Based on the traditional recipe, our 'John Bull' is a uniquely seasoned mix of savoury mince meat sandwiched between two potato slices and fried in our light crispy batter. Try one!